Why the large job boards are not the answer for the Early Childhood field.

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The hiring process in the early childcare field is often time consuming and tedious for directors. We wanted to eliminate having to search through multiple resumes on multiple job sites and find a better way to find the right teacher for your center. 

Here are the 3 top reasons why the job you posted for a teacher, assistant teacher, floater, or any other role in your center does not get traction on the large job board.

It’s hard to make your job stand out 

Exclamation points, using all caps, bold headlines; All the tricks directors use to ensure candidates stop scrolling and click on your job. There is also the issue of what the position in the headline should be. Pre-K or Pre-Kindergarten, Toddler teacher or 12-18 month old teacher. When candidates are doing a search for jobs we have to guess what wording they will use for our jobs to come up.

Your job post gets buried

Candidates have to search through unrelated jobs, from piano teacher to camp counselor to find jobs in the early childhood field. Because there is such a variety of jobs in the education tab your job gets buried. You post first thing in the morning and by the afternoon you have to go to page 5 to see it. 

Sales people

You post a job and within an hour a sales representative is contacting you wanting to help, but also see if you want to spend more money on boosting your post or downloading resumes. Most directors don’t have the time or money for this.

Bottom line, on Ecedjobs.com you don’t have to work to stand out and we will only contact you if we have a question about your job post.

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