How teachers can spot a high quality child care program

Parents are not the only ones looking for a high quality program. Teachers in the early childcare field look for high quality programs to work in. There are key features that teachers can look for to know that they are entering a program that supports staff and encourages growth. The following are signs of a […]

Tips on getting a job in the Childcare field

Wanting to get a job in the early childcare field, but unsure how to do this without experience? Here are a few tips. Step one: Figure out what position you are looking for. For anyone starting out positions to look for are floater, substitute, or teacher assistance.  These entry level positions are great for people who […]

Why the large job boards are not the answer for the Early Childhood field.

The hiring process in the early childcare field is often time consuming and tedious for directors. We wanted to eliminate having to search through multiple resumes on multiple job sites and find a better way to find the right teacher for your center.  Here are the 3 top reasons why the job you posted for […]